About Us

DashGen is a Tulsa based expert digital marketing agency. The company started out of a desire to help local businesses get found through better SEO and modern digital marketing practices. We noticed early on that many digital marketing companies got by on basic SEO practices and outdated web design principles. We set out to foster a different set of principles, that rewarded experimentation, tested the limits of what could be accomplished, and always kept working towards a system of full automation.

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Our Team

Digital Marketer | Joe Tomlinson

Joe Tomlinson


Joe is the founder and co-owner of DashGen. He has a degree in Digital Marketing from Northeastern State University, in Tahlequah Oklahoma. He has experience building and marketing websites in a variety of industries, from service to eCommerce. Beyond his knowledge of SEO, Joe has also ran advertisements for major companies like LG, and overseen campaigns with five figure ad spends. He specializes in SEO, Automation, and Analytics. Currently Joe helps develop and report on over a dozen different sites.

Levi Smith


Levi is the founder and co-owner of DashGen. He is from Tulsa, where he has lived his entire life. He has had an incredible professional career that spans over 15 years and includes working for multiple Fortune 500 companies, and managing the web marketing for a $10 billion dollar B2B software company. Some of his professional accomplishments include starting and running multiple successful businesses, including a SaaS, a mobile iOS game, and many websites.