Small business seo: 6 tips to get more traffic to your website

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Is your website optimized? Start today by using these 6 SEO tips for your small business to get more traffic to its website.

Getting more website visitors is essential for your small business to grow. Use these 6 simple SEO tips to get your business on the right track for SEO and start ranking your website higher in the search results. If you want the simple guide on SEO for your small business, check it out here. I’ve followed these tips for my own business: house cleaning tulsa and it works!

1. Use Short URLS

Use short descriptive URLS and keep them to no more than 3-5 words separated by hyphens.

2. Use Proper Keywords

Try and determine how your customers search for businesses like yours and write your content with that in mind. Try using [service] in [location] for your home page

Example: AC Repair in Tulsa

3. Go Local

If you are a local business then you need to make sure that you have submitted your site to Google My Business, Bing Places, Apple Maps, Yelp, and many more areas that will list your business.

4. List Your Name, Address, and Phone Number on Every Page

Make sure that your business name, address, and phone number is on every page of your website, most commonly in the footer. Also make sure it is the exact same on every page.

6 Tips To Improve Your Small Business SEO (Infographic)

6 Tips to Improve Your Small Business SEO

5. Make Sure Your Website Loads Fast

Slow loading websites lead to people leaving before the page is even loaded and search engines penalize website that are slow.

6. Get Social

Make sure your business has a page on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Instagram. Actively post helpful content and make sure you have links to your social media profiles on your website.

BONUS: Small Business SEO Tip #7

There are a lot of things that you can do to rank your business higher in search engine results, but one of the BEST things to get your business in the Google 3 pack is to get REVIEWS. Get as many quality reviews from your best clients as you can, reach out and ask them for reviews, ask clients for reviews immediately after they use your service. The quantity, quality, and velocity of reviews going to your Google listing can dramatically improve your SEO and get you into the Google 3 pack.

Try out these tips and let me know what you think in the comments down below!

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