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Help Section

Does not having a secure page hurt my search engine rankings?


https with lock

Not Secure

http with unlocked lock

Absolutely! Google announced in 2014 that your website’s security is a ranking signal, so it’s important to get an SSL certificate installed. If you’re not sure how to go about this, reach out to your webmaster or the person who developed your site to have them get one for you. Or you can contact us and we will be glad to assist!

Is it important for my website to load fast? 

pagespeed inside chrome extension

Page speed has been shown to directly correlate to user experience and premature exits, but it’s also another ranking factor and can mean the difference between ranking on the first page and not.  We try to keep all of our pages to load within 5 seconds, so that is what we use as a determining factor in our browser extension, the faster the better.

How long should my page title be?

< 60 characters

onpage Page Title Section

> 60 characters or no page title found

onpage page title greater than 60 characters

The real answer is that it’s complicated. It’s based on a certain width (around 600 pixels), and varies between desktop and mobile. So technically certain titles that are over 70 characters can appear to the full width on Google, we find that keeping the page title to a max of 60 characters will keep it from being truncated in the search results most of the time. 

What about the meta description?

< 160 characters

Meta Description Under 160 Characters Example

> 160 characters or No Meta Description Found

No Meta Description Found Example

Page Title and Meta Descriptions are both fields that Google will either use or if they think it doesn’t match the content of your page, they will use what they think is more accurate. As with the title, the meta description also has a character limit and we find that keeping it to 160 characters max will keep it from being truncated in the Google results most of the time.

Do I need an H1 or other headings on the page?

H1 found

H1 Found Example

H1 not found

H1 Not Found Example

The quick answer is yes. While technically headings aren’t a ranking factor, we have included it in our SEO chrome extension because Google still uses headings and other clues on the page to provide context and meaning to the page, so we still check for it when we are doing a site audit and think it’s an important part of on-page SEO.

How long should my content be?

Content section example

It depends. The most important factor is providing high value content that is relevant to the keyword or phrase you are trying to rank for.  You should determine your content length based on your topic and the content length of the top search results for that topic. We’ve included this section in our browser extension as a quick and easy guide for checking length and determining the most common words found.

Note: Common words can be inaccurate based on a number of factors, one of those being blog comments and replies.

Do my images need ALT text?

All images with ALT text

Images with ALT text example

Any images without ALT text

Images without alt text example

Yes. Not only is ALT text good for image search and context around your content, but also for user experience for screen readers.

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